November 11, 2009

Invite5- Making You Serious Money

Invite 5 is a free membership available to everyone 13+ yrs old worldwide. Register, choose where and when to view
ads and share in the ad revenue. There are 8 different ways to make money, all from advertising. Interact with 10 Cent
Ads yourself or just share free membership with others.

How can this be? Simple - the audience is the only value to an advertiser. Internet users worldwide provide invaluable
access to advertisers for a share of the dollars spent on the advertising. Members of Invite 5 'request' to view and rate
ads while using any website or search page. When you do this, you make money.

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For more info on this site, please check out this Youtube Video (but dont forget to click my link to JOIN.)

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October 28, 2009


Throughout the day you can earn points that will convert into "raffle tickets" based on your RedGage activity. At the end of the day, a computer will randomly select a raffle ticket declaring that day's winner. A different number of raffle tickets are awarded depending upon the interaction with RedGage.
  • 1 Point is awarded for each Page View your content receives
  • 2 Points are awarded for Correct Sales
  • 7 Points are awarded for Commenting on someone's content
  • 100 Points are awarded for Mentioning RedGage1 on other websites
  • 200 Points are awarded for inviting a new user2 to RedGage

  • You earn points for inviting people when a person enters your username into the Referred By field, during his/her Sign Up process.
Now please if you do Sign up, please put me on the Referrer Box (Luv2Kyss)

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October 23, 2009

Likaholix-Share, Discuss & Discover

Likaholix is a fun and easy way to share and discuss your likes and discover new ones with people you know. You can like anything from a great book you have read to your favorite food to some art work that you love.

Likaholix is much more fun when your friends are on the site. Let some of your friends know about Likaholix and as a token of our appreciation we will credit you $3 for every friend you invite who joins Likaholix. The credit will appear on your account immediately. We will payout money only after you have accrued $15. You may choose to donate this money to a charity of your choice.

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IM Report Card

A great site where you can make money reviewing products, services, and people in the internet marketing industry! Make $20 in less than a couple hours just by giving your personal experiences!

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Microworkers-Get paid to do Microjobs

Get paid to do various tasks at Microworkers

Here are some “micro job” examples:

  • Comment on some one’s blog.
  • Post in forums.
  • Write a short article.
  • Post ads on Craiglist.
  • Write a blog on a particular product.
  • Follow someone on Twitter.
  • Digg a website.
  • Complete a survey.
  • Sign up under some one’s referral link.
  • Link to some one’s site.
  • There is no limit on what a task could be.
Microworkers can help you get traffic!

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*10.27.09-I made .42 cents today just by doing 4 tasks!
*10.28.09-I made $1.07 by doing 8 tasks!

October 5, 2008

PrizeLive! was created to allow its members to earn money, prizes, and other rewards by working at home. This can be accomplished by completing offers such as surveys, trial offers, and by referring your friends and family to the site. Each referral brings more rewards to you.

We have added several cool and unique features that allow you to have fun and earn money as well. Some of the features include:

- Daily Bonus
- Monthly Jackpot
- Prize Grid Game
- Own an Offer Option
- Integrated Forum
- Toolbar
- * Instant * PayPal Payments
- NET 10-30 Payouts for Checks
- Plus Much More!

Our members have already been paid thousands of dollars and have been posting their payment proof on the forum for everyone to see. If you would like to view the proof yourself, head on over to the Payment Proof board.

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September 25, 2008

Social Vibe

VnD invites you to

All you have to do is:
1. Select your Fave cause to Support.
2. Choose a Sponsor & post your badge to your social profiles.
3. Earn points for donations to charity and perks.